Hello! My name is Elisabeth Fondell. I quit my corporate retail job in May of 2016 and have been on a self appointed sabbatical ever since. In the pursuit of reclaiming my life, I’ve spent this sabbatical filling my days with travel to illuminating places, thought provoking words, poems, pottery, and the pursuit of wholeness.

This blog is a tangible way to process my ever evolving ideas about what it means to be alive in this world. We are complicated beings that are always flowing through something: seasons of busyness, hardship, stress, celebration, ordinary time, adventure. Too often we don’t take time to stop and just be in the highs and lows and middles, to be there even when it’s hard to process.

I took my first ride on Amtrak a couple weeks ago and found an overwhelming sense of peace in that journey. It was picturesque to be sure, but even more remarkable was the air, this spirit of camaraderie in suspended time. Perhaps it’s the dated perception of train travel or embracing the now foreign idea of sharing a meal with strangers, but as we chugged along through golden fields and reddening trees I felt an overwhelming clarity. Like a snow globe of a forgotten era, we were living. Truly living.

Looking at myself from the outside, I see a transformed self. Poetry came alive to me in ways previously unknown and now stands as a real way to interpret some of life’s depths and peaks and commonalities. Naomi Shihab Nye, a new favorite poet, writes that our lives are a poem. This idea captivates me, completely certain in its truth. What better way to embrace life than to write its stanzas with the air we breathe?